Wellington Wine Farms

Small Wine Route In The Heart Of The Cape Winelands
Laidback Rural Hospitality Just 1 Hours' Drive From Cape Town
Particularly Known For Fruity Reds & Whites

Wellington Wine Farm Of The Month

Bosman Family Vineyards

The Bosman Family have been farming in Wellington for 8 generations, yet their approach is far from staid or traditional. Their award-winning wines push the boundaries of innovation, their proud heritage forming the bedrock from which regeneration and sustainability are a natural progression.

Bosman Family Vineyards is just an hour’s drive from Cape Town, a hidden gem in the Cape Winelands with a selection of wines that honour their heritage, community and environment.

Getting To Know The Wellington Wine Route

Sitting in a picturesque valley surrounded by mountains and tranquil rivers, the agricultural town of Wellington is a key hub for the South African wine industry and is located just under an hours’ scenic drive from Cape Town.

Location & History

Originally known as ‘Limiet Vallei’ in the 1600’s (Border or Frontier Valley), in the early 1700’s the area saw an influx of Europeans, with the largest concentration of French Huguenot pioneers settling here. Famous for subsequently establishing a wagon industry, the valley soon became known as ‘Val du Charron’ (Valley of the Wagon Makers).

The town of Wellington was formally established in 1840 and was so named after the Duke of Wellington, in honour of his victory in the Battle of Waterloo, some 25 years earlier. The town lies in the heart of the world-renowned Cape Winelands and having separated from the Paarl Wine Route in 2012, now boasts one of the youngest wine routes in the country: the compact Wellington Wine Route.

Thanks to its rich and fertile lands, Wellington’s economy thrives off its flourishing agriculture, producing table grapes, deciduous fruit and of course, wine. Along with a bustling economy, the town is known for its beautiful Cape Dutch homesteads, heritage churches, gardens, the spectacular Bain’s Kloof mountain pass and a plethora of wineries that sit within easy reach of the town centre.

A visit to Wellington offers unsurpassed vistas of mountains, farmlands, plus indigenous flora and fauna. Expect laidback rural hospitality, where you can meet the locals, make friends and enjoy wines together.

Wines & Wine Farm Experiences

With its warm and favourable Mediterranean climate, an abundance of sunshine and cool breezes from the mountains, Wellington boasts ideal wine growing conditions, particularly favouring red wine. Wine has been produced here since 1906 when the Wellington Co-operative Winery and Bovlei Co-operative were established, however it was during the 1940s that the region gained notable prominence for its wines.

A variety of cultivars are grown in Wellington, from Pinotage, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz, to Chenin Blanc and Viognier among others. These varieties thrive in hot yet cooling mountain conditions where they naturally ripen to produce a high concentration of sugar and fruitiness, without losing crucial acidity. So sit back and indulge your palate with one of the region’s award-winning fruity tipples!

The Wellington Wine Route is a collection of family-owned wine farms, large wine estates, boutique wineries and one large producer cellar. This small but dense area of 11 historic wine farms stretches from the Berg River to the foothills of the Hawequa mountains.

In spite of its small size, Wellington wines regularly receive awards from both national and international prestigious competitions. It is also quite literally the “cradle of the contemporary South African wine industry” as it supplies 85% of the country’s new vine cuttings (known as ‘stokkies’) to farms, a measure of the quality of vines in this area.

Activities & Accommodation

Wellington tourism is a small but growing sector. One of the top excursions is the Wellington Wine Walk, a gentle, guided walk that stops at various vineyards for tastings whilst taking in the majesty of Wellington’s spectacular natural surroundings.

Any mountain biker will love the awe-inspiring tracks that venture through indigenous valleys, mountain ranges and wine farms. You can also experience Mother Nature at her peak with horse rides through the orchards.

If wine isn’t your thing, why not visit one of Wellington’s local gin, brandy or whisky producers? South Africa’s sole commercial whisky producer is found on the banks of the Berg River in this charming town, which makes for a memorable excursion.

A limited number of hotel options are available in central Wellington, however, these do provide easy access to explore its beautiful heritage buildings, shops and small numbers of restaurants. Otherwise, an overnight stay at one of the wine farms is perfect for those who prefer tranquillity amongst nature. The vineyards feature stunning vistas with accommodation that ranges from luxurious Cape-Dutch-style houses for large groups, to extravagant rooms for couples on a weekend getaway and glamping for families.

Most of these are on the mountain slopes or near to the Kromme River which ensures a peaceful stay for all. There is something in Wellington, Western Cape to suit everyone’s needs. You’ll leave here feeling relaxed, recharged and wanting to come back again!

Visit www.discovercapewinelands.co.za/things-to-do/things-to-do-wellington/ for more information.