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Stellenbosch Wine Farm Of The Month


Situated a mere 30 minutes from Cape Town overlooking Devon Valley, Kunjani is the latest addition to the Bottelary Hills wine region just outside the beautiful town of Stellenbosch.

Kunjani means ‘Hi, how are you?’ in Zulu and that is exactly how friendships start. It is here where good food, fine wine and luxurious accommodation combine to truly reflect the good life.

Getting To Know The Stellenbosch Wine Route

South Africa’s premier wine growing area, Stellenbosch is a haven of natural beauty and one of the country’s most awarded wine regions. The town itself is the second oldest in the country and is located just 50 kilometres from Cape Town.

Location & History

The origins of Stellenbosch date back to 1679 when Dutch settlers established a community on the banks of the Eerste River. A decade later, the potential for winemaking in the area was identified and vines were extensively planted across Stellenbosch’s hills and valleys.

Stellenbosch is now synonymous with quality winemaking the world over. In 1971 it was the first wine region in South Africa to establish a network of tourist-friendly wineries suitable for exploration: the Stellenbosch Wine Route.

Today, the Stellenbosch Wine Route is the largest of its kind in the country and comprises around 150 unique wineries. Visitors from all over the world flock to visit these celebrated wine farms, which are divided into 5 sub-routes: Bottelary Hills, Greater Simonsberg, Helderberg, Stellenbosch Valley and Stellenbosch Berg.

Wines & Wine Farm Experiences

With its warm Mediterranean climate, diverse soil types and mountainous terrain, Stellenbosch is ideally suited to a wide variety of cultivars. Cabernet Sauvignon is the most widely planted however Merlot, Pinotage, Shiraz, Chenin Blanc, Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc all thrive. Full-bodied Bordeaux-style red blends are also hugely popular.

Stellenbosch is also known as the birthplace of Pinotage. It was here in 1924 that a professor at the town’s university successfully blended Hermitage (Cinsault) and Pinot Noir, thus creating South Africa’s most unique grape.

The region is home to breathtaking landscapes, mountains, vast Stellenbosch vineyards, rich history and diverse culture. The tranquil town boasts many 19th Century buildings and provides a scenic base from which to experience the best wine tasting the region has to offer.

Where are the best wine farms in Stellenbosch? There are so many! A wide variety of wine farms are available to explore, from ancient heritage estates to modern cellar doors with abundant vineyards and scenic surroundings. Many of Stellenbosch’s wine estates are renowned for being some of South Africa’s leading tourist attractions and several are very family-friendly.

Activities & Accommodation at Wine Farms in Stellenbosch

When it comes to tourist activities, Stellenbosch wine estates offer plenty of activities for families, couples and groups alike. Indulge in wine or kids’ tastings, vineyard or cellar tours, food and wine pairings, plus gourmet lunches, picnics and markets.

Beyond the wine farms you can explore the outdoors with scenic hikes and cycling, horse riding and lush botanical gardens. If you’re looking to go where the wild things are, Stellenbosch offers spectacular birdwatching and wildlife viewing opportunities as well. It is an outdoor mecca! In town you also have vibrant art galleries and historical museums – an abundance of adventure and culture awaits. 

Although Cape Town is just a 45-minute drive away, staying in Stellenbosch offers a cultural and rejuvenating getaway. Stay in the town for access to restaurants, shops and galleries, or opt for an overnight getaway on one of the wine farms. These usually feature awe-inspiring scenery and range from quaint vineyard cottages to luxurious suites or grand sole-use houses, suitable for large groups. Many of these are situated near vineyards, mountains or river banks, ensuring a tranquil stay.

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